How to buy and turn around a
distressed business or 'roll-up' competitors

On this site you’ll read real life stories of how 23 entrepreneurs find, fix and then sell small companies on the edge of failure. Sometimes we buy our weak competitors in a roll-up and get new clients cheaper by acquisition then organic growth. If you like these concepts, come to the next workshop. Learn how we...

✓  Find distressed companies that are worth saving for capital gains
✓  "Roll-up" your competitors for rapid growth with little cash or risk  
✓  Why buying a distressed business is the BEST way to do a start up

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Grade A Clients

Accountants are uniquely positioned…

To get in front of the growing trend for M&A activity in the small business arena. In 2011 and 2012 we found new billable services from M&A in the $2,000 to $25,000 range.

But in 2012 and again in 2013 we sold chunks of our firm to free up our time and capital so we could cherry pick a few good M&A opportunities a year, for ourselves. We’re glad we did.  Today our accounting firm only works for companies we own stock in.

Our last 5 deals averaged $200,000 in capital gains or equity growth.  That’s better then we did in 40 years of accounting.

We found the hard cold cash from capital gains far outweighs the net income of by-the-hour-billing.

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On this accountants’ page, you will find articles on both topics; providing M&A support service as an accountant – and buying competitors, clients or other local small companies when the right opportunity arises. Our most successful M&A seminar attendees are accountants.

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