How to buy and turn around a
distressed business or 'roll-up' competitors

On this site you’ll read real life stories of how 23 entrepreneurs find, fix and then sell small companies on the edge of failure. Sometimes we buy our weak competitors in a roll-up and get new clients cheaper by acquisition then organic growth. If you like these concepts, come to the next workshop. Learn how we...

✓  Find distressed companies that are worth saving for capital gains
✓  "Roll-up" your competitors for rapid growth with little cash or risk  
✓  Why buying a distressed business is the BEST way to do a start up

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Double your business three years in a row – One secret no one has ever told you about

By on May 30, 2014

Double your business three years in a row – One secret no one has ever told you about

In the last 10 years you’ve probably talked to every kind of salesperson out there about every kind of marketing plan possible. My guess is you’ve wasted tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Well there is a better way to grow fast and profitable.

A better way that you have read about every day in the Wall Street Journal and never considered for your own small business.

A way that NO salesman will ever tell you about. Because they don’t get paid for it. Sometimes I think this concept may even be a secret.

You will not waste money on…

✓ Web site gimmicks
✓ Costly advertising with no results
✓ Building a sales teams

OK, here it is….

Start going to lunch, every day with competitors, vendors and customers. Then ask leading questions to discover if the owner may be looking for investors or to sell out.

That is your cue that trouble and distress are keeping them up at night. The competitor may be spiraling down and their looking for a way out.

Then roll those companies up into your current operation in a nothing/low down buy out. Take the clients, take the best employees – and leave the bad parts behind.  We get 2 to 5 companies a year this way in Arizona.

This is the same kind of strategic / leveraged buyout that the big boys use and it will work in a small company, even better. Once you know how to look for them, the deals are everywhere.

Even if you don’t want the business – you can get the ‘off balance sheet’ assets for almost nothing. Keep reading for an example in the next few paragraphs.

Now, every day we read, in the Wall St. Journal how Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, Richard Branson, Carl Icahn and others are building empires, while you and I struggle looking for just one more customer. Why not just buy the customers, that’s what big companies do.

How we find the deals…

We simply meet one vendor a day (EVERY DAY) for lunch. Sometimes it is just a pleasant meeting other times we uncover a troubled business that needs our help. This is a topic we cover in detail at the two day Find-Fix-Sell seminar on distressed companies.

If your sales are $100,000 to $10,000,000 this is the fastest way we know of to double your business. You can see examples of how we are doing it on our web site along with details of our next training class. Click Here for Seminar Show Details

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From their ranch in Wyoming, KC and his wife Linnea have bought or started 21 companies as a side line to their accounting business leading them into M&A as a full time business in 2012. These companies are located all over the Western Rocky Mountains, London and India. Since 1969 through their accounting and training companies, KC has taught 18,000 business owners how to improve cash flow and find more customers by installing standardized systems in their small business. Since 1989 KC has presented over 1,000 seminars and training classes to the small business owner.

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  1. Gerome

    June 28, 2014 at 6:02 pm

    Ok, KC, I am going to try the lunch idea, lets see if I can find some roll ups!!

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