How to buy and turn around a
distressed business or 'roll-up' competitors

On this site you’ll read real life stories of how 23 entrepreneurs find, fix and then sell small companies on the edge of failure. Sometimes we buy our weak competitors in a roll-up and get new clients cheaper by acquisition then organic growth. If you like these concepts, come to the next workshop. Learn how we...

✓  Find distressed companies that are worth saving for capital gains
✓  "Roll-up" your competitors for rapid growth with little cash or risk  
✓  Why buying a distressed business is the BEST way to do a start up

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The M&A Club is closed.  We have become so busy with our start up that we no longer have time to do the weekly conference calls.   When I sell this start up we will be excited to get back into buying – fixing – selling distressed companies again

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✓ Buy 2-3 businesses a year (even our competitors) with little or no money down
✓ Cut overhead & fix operations to double the net profit in 90 days or less
✓ Hire a ‘performance based’ manager to run the new operation
✓ Sell the business for massive capital gains or keep it for monthly income

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✓ Together we will review the 68 step process for putting a deal together that anyone can follow. We’ll also go through the 72 specific steps for turning a business into a cash cow, turn-key operation. The material in the picture is uploaded in chunks each weekBook pic $197 for you to download and modify for your business.

✓ You will join accountants, entrepreneurs, business coaches, and new startups, business owners doing roll ups, business contract lawyers, venture capitalist and a host of others looking for the right opportunity. You may ask questions at any time and tap into a world of experience.

Then when it is time to sell, you’ll see exactly what we do to drive hundreds of thousands of additional dollars into the valuation by planning our exit well in advance.

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Each free training session includes video clips and when appropriate flow charts, check list, scripts & contracts


Couple Calculating BudgetWhy 2014 is the perfect year to buy a business. We have a perfect storm brewing in the acquisitions of small companies. See the 3 critical events that are taking place at the same time that make this the best year in history to grow by acquisition.


Hot DealHow we find distressed companies. Every year over 2 million small companies close but 10% are worth saving and are diamonds in the rough. Here you will find the clever ways we find deals that no one knows about and get in front of the owner quick.


Approach OwnerHow do we approach the owner? When buying a distressed company for pennies on the dollar, the owner is NOT going to see you as a Knight on a shiny white horse riding in to save the day.   So human engineering is critical to keep your relationship on a positive level.   Here is the flow chart we use when meeting with potential sellers, in trouble, so they are not offended by our offer.


Negotiating PriceNegotiating the price.   The number one rule is to make sure your payments are no more than 33% of the cash flow prior to your taking over.   In this lesson you’ll see exactly how to determine what the business is worth TO YOU.   How to explain your valuation to the seller and how to close the deal.


Increase SalesHow to increase sales in your acquisition by 25% in the first 120 days. In every company we take over we MUST increase sales 25%, right now. It is a big part of our ‘double the cash flow’ plan that makes an acquisition possible.   Here you’ll learn the 3 critical steps we take starting the day after we close the deal.


TestimonialsGetting testimonials easily. Nothing will make your sales effort easier than a bucket full of testimonials from happy customers. Yet none of us have a written plan to ask for them and manage the comments once we have it recorded on video or letter. This one step could be worth a 25% increase in 2014 sales revenue.


Operations ManualHow to create an operations manual.   If you buy a business and don’t write an operations manual the next day, you are going to be stuck doing all the work. That would defeat our purpose in owning multiple companies.   Here are the basic steps in outline format so you can select the tasks and events that will have the biggest R.O.I. and start there.   You’ll also see how we let our staff (who are doing the work anyway) write about 90% of our manuals.


AdvantageWhat unfair advantage can we develop over the competitors? We use a tool called the Lean Canvas. Before we move into a new company or product line we analyze what problem we are solving, who would buy this, what is our cost structure, how will we distribute this product and other key factors.   If the picture looks good after this exercise we move to the next step. The Lean Canvas is an easy tool to determine if your idea has enough merit to justify the cost.   You are going to love this session.


Why you want to buyWhy you want to buy your competitors and how to pull it off. This is called a ‘roll up’ it is an age old method of building your sales FAST. In some cases you can double your business for 3 to 5 years in a row. How to find the ones’ in trouble, how to approach the owner and how to pull off the deal.   We bought 3 competitors last year for less than $5,000.


BargainHow to find a screaming bargain. If you buy a business for 2.5 times earnings and get 5 year owner financing you are immediately cash positive. Then double the net profits of your acquisition in the first 120 days and you have a screaming bargain. Here is how we find them, and how we walk away politely from those acquisitions that don’t fit our plans for rapid cash flow.