How to buy and turn around a
distressed business or 'roll-up' competitors

On this site you’ll read real life stories of how 23 entrepreneurs find, fix and then sell small companies on the edge of failure. Sometimes we buy our weak competitors in a roll-up and get new clients cheaper by acquisition then organic growth. If you like these concepts, come to the next workshop. Learn how we...

✓  Find distressed companies that are worth saving for capital gains
✓  "Roll-up" your competitors for rapid growth with little cash or risk  
✓  Why buying a distressed business is the BEST way to do a start up

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Ready to start looking at financials,  want to chat with sellers.  Want to call KC and our other advanced members for advice and the inside scoop for getting it done.  Join the BIG BOOK CLUB – a group of successful small business owners who work together to Find – Fix & Sell distressed local companies,  suppliers and customers.   Sometimes we keep the companies we buy as a lifetime income.

Big Book

Become friends with KC Truby and 23 entrepreneurs and professionals working closely together to help each other

Find, Fix and Sell

Big Book Members are invited to KCs’ home from time to time to visit his companies, review the financial statements and talk to the staff.  You’ll see Real Life examples of how anyone can do this.

Our current membership is at 23 we expect to grow by 100 per year for the next 10 years. So you will have a steady flow of new ‘partners and advisors’ to tap into for help in your acquisition, sales and management systems.


The 5 biggest wishes of business owners in the English speaking world…

  1. I wish I had a better strategic plan in place, working right now and building sales.
  2. I wish we had better cash flow and accumulated more wealth for retirement.
  3. I wish we had a system to run the business without me doing everything.
  4. I wish I had 2 to 5 really top notch people on my team to build great companies.
  5. I wish I had a high enough & dependable enough income to make working an ‘option.’

OK then, here is how to get your wish…Reservation


Membership highlights from the BIG BOOK CLUB.

✓  You will get our own BIG BOOK – the actual operations manual and strategic plan for your current and future companies that will answer your wish over the next several years. This will become your book.

✓  Members are invited to KCs’ home to see his own Find & Fix in action.

✓  Onetime fee for life time membership – the lowest cost master mind offered anywhere. The one-time fee is designed so you know we will NEVER give up on you. This will get done.

✓  Access to KCs’ financials and contracts so you can see how it works in real life – my wife and I do it what we preach.

✓  Attend any & all training seminars in the future for up to 3 people at no cost.

✓  Redistribute the weekly teleconference to prospects and clients on a private labeled page.

✓  Up to 2 hours a month on the phone live with KC to review deals you’re looking at.

✓  Access to our other BIG BOOK members for advice and help.

✓  Our staff will set up the Google / outlook system on your computer so you can send 2,000 text emails a day with 85% to 90% ‘inbox.’ We get a 1% response from this campaign.

✓  Specific instructions on setting up Facebook and LinkedIn advertising that we use.

✓  Email and Online assistance in building an operations manual for your on business, and those you buy, using our manual as a starting point and modifying it to fit each of your companies.

✓  Help in hiring a performance based manager to run your operations.

✓  Access to our best deals, first. If you don’t want the deal we send it to the M&A club folks.

✓  Help in finding money when you need it to close deals.

✓  Access to potential partners from our M&A club and elsewhere if you need it.

If your annual sales are under 10 million – the BIG BOOK club is designed to help you get to your ‘end number.’ In the next few years. However, our membership is for a lifetime as we know from experience that we’ll NEVER get everything done. We DO NOT fail – we simply keep improving until it works. KC and the other members will not quit on you, we will always be on your side and in your corner.

The BIG-BOOK is the ultimate strategic small business plan & operations manual for finding, fixing and selling multiple small companies. When you become a BIG BOOK member, you will get copies of KC Trubys’ personal BIG BOOK to use as a template for building your own business.

KC and his team will show you how to modify his BIG BOOK into your own “How-We-Do-It-Here” manual. Companies with a written manual drive 27% more net profit to the bottom line and find it much easier to raise capital or sell out at high multiples.

Without an operations manual you’ll never be able to get your current business in order, stop working so many hours or be able to take on another business. So put these systems into place and feel confident enough to leave the office and get the bigger better deals.

Then, two or three times a year you’ll meet KC and the other BIG BOOK members for two days of intense strategic planning on finding, fixing and selling weak companies. The other members are the contacts you need to learn real life details on growing through acquisition.

Since the BIG BOOK is an operation manual and strategic plan combined, your team will know exactly what to do, when to do it, how to do it and why they are doing it, so that you may easily create massive long-term wealth by…

✓ Finding distressed or good businesses to buy over and over.

✓ Fixing any business so they work like a well-oiled John Deere tractor.

✓ Selling the companies for capital gains or keep them for lifetime retirement income by including your team as performance paid managers.






GET THE BIG BOOK and start fixing your own firm first.



The M&A questions that you’ll never have to ask once you have the BIG BOOK

  1. How do you find the deals?Buying Competitors
  2. How do I find time to buy and run other companies?
  3. How will my staff become self-directed and know what needs to be done without my daily direction?
  4. Where do I get cash if I need it?
  5. How can you tell if a business is a good deal when it’s losing money?
  6. What type of business should I be looking for?
  7. Should I do a startup or buy an existing company and expand the product lines?
  8. How do you negotiate the price?
  9. How do you buy companies with little or no upfront cash?
  10. If you’re buying a distressed company, how do you turn it around in 90 to 120 days?
  11. What is the process for hiring a manager who will run the company on a percentage of profits?
  12. How do we decide between selling and keeping the business for monthly income?
  13. When you sell, what are the steps, to get the highest payout?

The members of our mastermind create and share the answers to these questions and over 200 others on building a small business fortune by acquiring weak local companies.

Join the BIG BOOK group if “just getting by” is not your style.

green arrowOnly 4% of all business owners ever get to $1,000,000 in sales and only 4 out of 1,000 get to 10 million. The good news is; the 4% who make it to $1,000,000 a year – work less, have more fun and take home more money to their families.

What do they have that you don’t? A few learnable skills and a plan, the same training and plan you’ll get in the BIG BOOK membership including…

  1. A strategic plan using the Lean Canvas that explains their unique position in the market place.
  2. An operations manual that takes EVERY task and breaks it down to steps that you can delegate.
  3. Marketing – a systematic way to generate high quality sales leads upon demand.
  4. Connections – you must know and talk to successful people who share your aspirations.
  5. Business Knowledge – if you don’t know how to do something, you will NOT do it. We show you how.
  6. Leadership – your team and clients are ready for you to pick a target niche and dominate it.
  7. Action – the BIG BOOK is not only a strategic plan, it is an action plan for successful delegation.
  8. Skills in acquisition – CEO’s know when to move on a weak competitor or outside opportunity.
  9. Money – the worse time to look for money is when you need it. Get capital lined up now.
  10. Delegation & Management skills – you will NEVER get to greatness unless you help others first.

As a BIG BOOK member, you will not only acquire companies, you will gain the skills of a master CEO. These skills will make it far easier to move into the top 4% and within several years the top 1% of all entrepreneurs.

Have you tried to write a business plan or operations manual and failed?Operations Plan

OK, here is why. The job of developing a complete business and M&A operations manual is so cumbersome that you don’t have a chance if you are trying to do it by yourself. That is where the BIG BOOK comes in. As a member, you will start small with a simple 2-page starter plan. That may well be enough to jump into making your current business a turnkey cash cow and possibly buying one or more weak competitors.

Then we work with you over the next 3 to 5 years by layering more details into your business system as you run into problems that need solved. We do not waste time fixing problems we don’t have. We do not waste time training you on M&A events that you will never see.

Three to five years may sound like a long time, but you will reap profits from your plan ‘as is’ every day you share it with your team. Besides 5 years from now, you’ll still be in business so it might as well be a great business.

However, it does not stop there. The truth is you will NEVER be done with your BIG BOOK. You just keep making it better until someday you turn your BIG BOOK over to a young managing partner or the person who bought your business.

That is why the BIG BOOK membership is a one time investment for a lifetime association.Strategy

When creating wealth we already know that you are going to have frustrations and failures, but we will NOT give up on you. We know you will get behind, you will get tired, and you will get busy. That is normal. Nevertheless, if we commit to each other to work on your plan and your business for the rest of our lives, we will get it done. Because we won’t quit until you reach your end number.

That is why we do not offer a ‘killer’ 5-day training program in an exotic location at some outrageous price with stupid promises about how your life will change when you have an epiphany over cocktails at sunset. That would be plum nuts.

What we offer our members is a lifetime of support. We plan to do M&A work the rest of our lives. So until KC Truby dies or becomes so weak that he can no longer participate in your growth, your membership is valid. If we both get lucky, KC will find someone to take his place in the next 20 years so we can keep the BIG BOOK process going after he is no longer able. Nevertheless, for today, we are committed to “death do us part. “

That may sound a little weird, but the way I see it, what else are we going to do? Retirement simply means you’re tired, and most of the time it leads to premature death. I know, I own a senior health care company and see it every day.

Even after I hit my goals,I plan to continue working as a hobby four to six hours a week in an oversight capacity. You see, work sounds like more fun than shuffleboard with a bunch of geezers who want to talk about their lumbago.




More details and reasons the BIG BOOK will finally help you get your 5 wishes.

Fast growth and high net worth come quicker, if you run more than one business.

Problem SolvedOwning multiple companies will force you to STOP doing the day-to-day tasks and start acting like a CEO. Your game gets bigger. You will soon develop delegation checklist and learn to hire the right people (paid on results) to get the detailed work done.

Staff no longer run to the boss with operational questions. They understand your strategic plan and will take the initiative to make it happen, because they are paid on performance.   The BIG BOOK is fluid and your team can and should improve it at any time.

The time you free up will allow you to finally focus on the three things your company pays you to get done. (The 3-things exercise, I will give you, is an eye opener, by the way.)

The biggest unknown opportunity in business today is to buy small companies.

In just the USA alone over 2,000,000 small companies, fail every year. Find these companies right before they go over the cliff and you may well be able to create enormous capital gains and monthly cash flow by saving the business.

However, it gets better, due to the large number of baby boomers retiring the market is flooded with GOOD companies for sale as well. This ‘surplus’ of inventory has driven the multiple (price) for a company down to an all-time low of 2.5 times earnings on average.

green arrowBoth of these trends offer the mindful individual an opportunity to create an impressive monthly cash flow and massive capital gains without the need for a giant ‘war chest’ sitting in your bank account, up front.

Creating your own BIG BOOK is broken into six manageable levels that you grow into.

  1. The easy step 2-page business plan – this is enough to give you some clarity and to start making money.
  2. Develop an expanded analysis with the lean canvas – providing you a clear growth strategy.
  3. Expand the lean canvas to the 3 categories of work in your company – your operations manual.
  4. Expand the 3 categories into 8 sections – with 3 levels of work in each level. At this point, your ‘Big Book’ becomes an operation manual with delegation details and calendars of marketing events.
  5. Use your systematic business platform to initiate a Mergers & Acquisitions campaign.
  6. Two years before your exit date, write your ‘get-out’ plan so you may leave the business on a high note. If you plan to own the business until death-do-you-part, write it for your manager so they know how to keep those checks coming.

Our goal at the BIG BOOK is to A) Get your current business growing and going, then B) To start buying up your weak competitors or other good business deals we find. However, it won’t happen if you are in chaos and growth causes chaos. So here is a brief explanation of our 3 to 5 year plan to help you build a great series of companies.




  1. The easy step 2-page business plan – this is enough to give you some clarity and to start making money.

Organization ChartBefore you attend your first BIG BOOK meeting – you will complete the 2-page easy step plan. When you are small, every business event falls on your shoulders. You may have one or two people on your team but even they turn to you multiple times a day for direction. So Organization docswe start with a simple 2 page outline of what you are trying to accomplish. Just this one simple step will bring clarity to your team and cut your interruptions by as much as 25%. This exercise will help you stay focused on those few things that bring in the most profit as well. The two pages eventually become the very first page of your own BIG BOOK and the last page. Next, we fill in the middle…

  1. Develop an expanded analysis with the lean canvas – providing  you a clear growth strategy

In our first meeting, you will be ready to start the next step – filling in your ‘Lean Canvas.’ This strategic thinking exercise makes your product or service unique to the market and clarifies how you are going to bring in new clients. This task may take you a few more hours to complete but it could be the most fun you’ll have in your entire BIG BOOK creation.

By the time you are done you will know…Manual

  1. What client problem you solve
  2. Client segments / demographics
  3. Unique value proposition
  4. Our solution
  5. Distribution channels
  6. The possible revenue streams
  7. What is our cost structure
  8. The critical key metrics
  9. Our UNFAIR advantage
  10. Supporting market research

For the first time you will have a clear picture of what you want to do that your team will relish.

  1. Expand the lean canvas to the 3 categories of work in your company – your beginning operations manual

FlowAt $300,000 to $400,000 in sales, you must hire people who you can depend on to take over the daily tasks in the three main functions of a business. This is the point that most companies get stuck because we keep hiring people just like ourselves that know how to do just what we know how to do.

Your three functions are A) Marketing B) Finance and C) Production. You can pick one of the three and run that, but the other two are better left to people with a love for the task.

You will need job descriptions and accountability standards for each of the three functions or once again, you are going to be stuck at the ceiling of complexity.

As your annual sales grow past $500,000, you will need to hire each of your mangers an assistant or other full time employee. However, we strongly recommend you use outsourced vendors as much as possible. At this point of growth it is critical to stay lean and mean. That means you must be able to expand and contract your overhead quickly as the business climate changes. This should be sufficient until you hit $1,000,000 in annual revenue.

  1. Expand the categories into 8 sections – with 3 levels of work in each level. At this point, your ‘Big Book’ becomes an operation manual with delegation details and calendars of marketing events.

This is when you can feel confident that you can leave your business for the day, week or even two months and it will be better run and larger when you get back.

The BIG BOOK membership is a one time investment for a lifetime association.

Summary of what Members get…

✓  First crack at good deals we find, but we can’t get to.

✓  Access to our nationwide list of M&A advisors such as accountants, lawyers and financiers.

✓  Free attendance for life to the two-day M&A conferences, held two or three times a year, for up to three people.

✓  The ‘inside-our-office’ copy of our own BIG BOOK with our plan for growth and prosperity through M&A.

✓  Instructions and samples of contracts, finance deals, operations check list and more on 200 topics.

✓  Samples and advice on building your own strategic plan & operations manual.

✓  Telephone advice and support in your M&A events – up to one hour per week with KC Truby.

✓  Access to the other members so you can tap into their experience and viewpoint.

✓  Moreover, you’re invited to the weekly conference call on M&A deals that we are doing ourselves.

Will the BIG BOOK mastermind have a positive financial impact in your life?

The truth is, I have no idea. I can only tell you that I personally average $200,000 in equity gains for each deal I do. I can also share that having a BIG BOOK to run our company gives us clarity and purpose in our daily efforts. That having the BIG BOOK allows me to work less with a lot less stress because my team knows what I want to accomplish and they want to help.

For you, it is up to you. The most fascinating benefit of the BIG BOOK mastermind is that we will never quit you. I will continue to do the weekly calls and two-day conferences until my health makes it impossible. Let’s hope that is 20 years or more from now. The one thing I do know today is that after 40 years in the accounting industry, I have finally found an occupation that seems more like a fun hobby.

KC won’t you get tired of doing work for us 10 years from now if you only get paid one time?

Oh, don’t worry about me. (LOL, like you were worried about me.) I just happen to believe that many of you are going to do JV deals with me on a partnership basis over the next 20 years and the income streams will never dry up. As we grow to 100 or 1,000 members, the opportunities for investing in your adventures will never end. My end goal is to train all of you to be great partners for your family, employees, vendors, clients and in some cases our joint future opportunities. But the first rule of getting into my pockets – you need to run a tight ship.

Is membership limited? Do I have wait for an invitation to join? Do I have to qualify in regards to business size in some way? What is the one time investment for a lifetime membership?

Nope. I’m done with all that kind of sales hype. Another advantage of getting old I guess.

The straight scoop is that if you are willing to make a one time payment of $4,995 or 12 monthly payments of $495, I guess you’re pretty well qualified. The results will be totally up to you, but I will walk you through everything we’ve done as well as help you tap into the other members so you’re getting in on the game, as well.

Sign up right now. Let’s finally get started before you’re too old to get-er-done.

Thank You

KC Truby – call me direct with questions 760-207-6385 I’m in the Mountain Time zone.

The Lonesome Cowboy




PS One last interesting point on price – IT WON’T LAST.  The $4995 (or 12 installments of $495) is the lowest cost ‘hands on’ training / master mind offered by any nationally known marketing consultant. Then to do a one-time fee and not annually renewable is even more unheard of.

We have every intention of raising the cost to $9,995 for member 101 going forward.  However, you will be locked in at the founding member fee of $4995. A one time investment for lifetime assistance.