How to buy and turn around a
distressed business or 'roll-up' competitors

On this site you’ll read real life stories of how 23 entrepreneurs find, fix and then sell small companies on the edge of failure. Sometimes we buy our weak competitors in a roll-up and get new clients cheaper by acquisition then organic growth. If you like these concepts, come to the next workshop. Learn how we...

✓  Find distressed companies that are worth saving for capital gains
✓  "Roll-up" your competitors for rapid growth with little cash or risk  
✓  Why buying a distressed business is the BEST way to do a start up

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Review of the June Find Fix & Sell Conference

By on June 19, 2014

Review of June Conference

On June 11th and 12th at the Circus Circus hotel in Las Vegas 38 entrepreneurs spent two days working on finding distressed companies that could be turned around quickly and resold for capital gains or kept as a cash cow.   All as a side line to our current business operations.


You can see a video montage (and comments about) of the people who attended here.


Any entrepreneur, startup wanna-be or professional can duplicate this process to grow rapidly and have a lot more fun at work. The only skill you really need is the ability to read a P&L and if you can’t do that, partner with a local accountant who will drill down on the numbers for you.


Money is helpful but not a pre-requisite as we have found some deals can be done with nothing down and even better, investors are plentiful for the right deal. No money, should not stop you.


The two days were spent in detailed discussion of the nitty gritty details of getting it done. With flow charts, check list, sample contracts and insight on dealing with sellers.


A half dozen or so of the people in the room were past attendees who have actually bought a business and every one of the deals went positive.


Over the last 2 years, the 5 deals my wife and I did, generated an average of $200,000 in realized capital gains or equity growth. The last 3 deals we got into required less than $5,000.


If you would like to attend one of our upcoming 2 day conferences, where you will sit with entrepreneurs, startups and professionals doing this now, please click here to see more details.



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  1. Gerome

    June 24, 2014 at 2:28 pm

    I can not wait to join the next seminar, it seems like a room full of people that I really should know

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