How to buy and turn around a
distressed business or 'roll-up' competitors

On this site you’ll read real life stories of how 23 entrepreneurs find, fix and then sell small companies on the edge of failure. Sometimes we buy our weak competitors in a roll-up and get new clients cheaper by acquisition then organic growth. If you like these concepts, come to the next workshop. Learn how we...

✓  Find distressed companies that are worth saving for capital gains
✓  "Roll-up" your competitors for rapid growth with little cash or risk  
✓  Why buying a distressed business is the BEST way to do a start up

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  • 10 Questions buy a business
    10 Questions to ask when buying a business

    As you know from time to time we re-post work we find on the Internet.   This article is over 10 years old but still appropriate today.  10 Buying A Business Questions    By Jim Blasingame April 15, 2003...

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  • small business branding
    Why Branding in your small Business is a total waste of time and money

    Why branding in your small business is a total waste of time and money  Well I’m about to make a lot of people in the marketing consulting business mad, but here goes anyway. In my opinion marketing...

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  • own multiple companies
    3 critical reasons you should own 2 or more companies.

    Buying multiple companies is a fast track to capital gains, however we often worry about the task of running more than one business – especially one in distress. Well the truth is…. Our biggest obstacle in creating...

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  • How to get a $50,000 loan when you buy a business.

    How to get a $50,000 loan when you buy a business. Last month, I got an interesting request on how to make up a $50,000 short fall in the down payment needed to close a deal. The...

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  • Open your own business alt text
    Memo to Business Brokers

    To Business Brokers -> Our goal is to make it easier for you to move prospective buyers or sellers into action. My wife and I are just a couple of old accountants and are not your competitor....

    • Posted April 28, 2014
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